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Andy Wasif - The Punch Up Guy

He does not wear a bow tie and the pipe is plastic.

The Punch Up Guy IS comedian/bestselling author/screenwriter/producer/actor/public speaker Andy Wasif. He has been involved in comedy for over two decades, first stepping on stage during his sophomore year in college and penning his first sitcom spec script (a “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”) the same year.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Syracuse University (in upstate New York).

Since then, he has performed in clubs and colleges in exactly half of the states in the United States and one province in Canada. He also has spent several years training and performing at renowned theaters Improv Olympic and Upright Citizens Brigade.

After leaving the stand-up comedy road and returning to Los Angeles, he has remained active in a variety of roles using his comedic skills for good instead of evil. This includes teaching a stand-up comedy course to kids ages 8-14, writing speeches for corporate executives, participating in comedy roasts, penning jokes for all levels of comics including his fellow professionals, and doing movie and television show script coverage for networks and production companies alike.

His writing portfolio covers the entire spectrum. He’s won contests for his short stories and sitcom specs, had a screenplay optioned (“The 70-Year Itch” is currently in development with a big-name director attached), and has penned four humor books, one which become a bestseller (“Red Sox Fans are From Mars, Yankees Fans are From Uranus“).

This led to him to getting his own page “Wasif’s World,” a collection of humorous commentaries and feature stories on the world of sports for “The PostGame,” Yahoo! Sports on-line magazine.  

He’s also spoken at Google as part of their Authors@Google series and been on several author panels including at the Boston Book Festival. 

Currently, his latest humor book is more self-help with humor thrown in as it caters to those considering the move to Los Angeles entitled “Hollywood Primer: Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Los Angeles.” 

(It’s safe to say Andy has rewritten more than he has written.)  For his portfolio of work, please visit his homepage at

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